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2021 Spring Edition 

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The Latest From Your Board

Dear Wekiva Ranch Neighbor,
The Board of Directors hope everyone is well and staying safe in this unique time we are in. Because of Covid restrictions, no board meetings have been held until June, which had restrictions because of social distancing. We want to update you on a few things that are occurring in the neighborhood as well as ask for your attention and assistance with a few matters. Our neighborhood is now well established and much of the fees we collect go to "maintaining" things such as the tennis/pickleball courts, roads, signs, tree trimming, etc. We are looking at ways to improve the "community owned" areas of the neighborhood, such as the entrance and the islands, so that they will be a positive reflection of Wekiva Ranch We would also ask you to evaluate your own home and yard and give consideration to any areas where some time and elbow grease may help to improve the look and aesthetics of our neighborhood. Routine maintenance items such as roof cleaning, trimming overgrown trees and weeding the flower beds can go a long way in improving the look of the entire neighborhood. If you need help with some of these items because of your age or physical ability, please contact us and we will do our best to assist.

Management Company:
Our Community Association Manager is our point person at our Management Company and is here to assist you. His email is manager@blankcommunities.com and his phone number is 407-000-0000. Please call or email him with any questions, concerns, or needs you may have regarding our community (preferably email).

We are in the process of rescheduling our Annual Meeting which was postponed because of Covid restrictions. Everyone will be notified once a date and location has been set.

Preparing For Hurricane Season

It's time to get hurricane prepared. Hurricane season, which runs from June 1 through November 30, is quickly approaching. Often times the first thing we do before a storm is stock up on essential supplies. Then we make sure our homes and families are protected. But we should also think about securing our source of shade and scenery — trees. You may want to think about having your trees trimmed before Hurricane season gets here. At least have all the dead branches removed from the trees. Your neighbors will appreciate it.


garage sale
1st Saturday in May

Time: 8 AM to 2:30 PM
The cost is $1.00. Everyone needs to get their own Permit from the City.  Click on the above photo to download a Garage Sale Permit in pdf format.

Pick Up After Your Pets


We all know that it should be done. Let’s face it, nobody likes to step in dog poo. It stinks, and then, if you don’t realize you stepped in it, you track it into your house and it gets on the rug in the living room and then your wife gives you a real hard time about it and you have to clean the rug. All this because someone failed to pick up after his or her pet. Yes, lets pick up after our pets every time. 

Our Website

Make sure to visit our website. When visiting, you will be able to see upcoming events, neighborhood news, and documents. You will also be able to attain a copy of the budget, the architectural review application and the meeting minutes. You can send in requests for information, report a violation or ask for your account balance. Check out the website and request a username and login.

Trash Cans

Please do not put trash cans or household items out until the evening before or the morning of scheduled pick up and please bring them in by the end of that same evening. If you are located near a wooded area, it is recommended that you wait until the morning of collection to place your carts by the curb due to black bear activity. Please visit Apopka’s black bears web page for more information at https://www.apopka.net . Yard waste should not be placed out until the day before pickup. If you have any electrical items you want picked up, please contact the city of Apopka refuse department.

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Black Bears & Trash Cans

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